Thank you for all your support in 2021.

Minimum age is 50.

Annual Membership dues are $60 and payable by January 1, 2022.

Most tournaments will remain at $50, with the exception of :  Coosa, Cartersville and Dalton, which are $60.

All tournaments except the Eddie King Memorial (Nob North) will be low-ball format.

Points are:      1 = bogey,    2 = par,    3 = birdie,    4 = eagle.

**Please pickup after double bogey in all flights except for the 1st.

Complete Scorecards with Points and Scores to better assist scorekeepers.

Please be patient as scores are posted and money is awarded.

We don’t require GHIN handicaps; your league handicap will be calculated based on tournament play. Other scores are not relevant.

Choose tees based on your age and drives:

Age     50 – 64            5600 – 6200

65 – 69           5400 – 5800

70+                 4800 – 5200

Remember – Play ready golf.

Any questions about rules and infractions should be settled by the foursome immediately – not later during play.

We will continue to adhere to USGA Rules of Golf. You are allowed to move the ball one (1) club length in the fairway only. Do not improve lie closer to the hole. Any special local changes will be announced at the tournament.

To Register for a Tournament, send a check to the address below, after the date indicated on our “Schedule” page.  Strive to get your money to me on time. It is very important as I prepare for each tournament a week in advance.

We need you to play in most tournaments especially Public Golf courses so we can play the Private Country Clubs. Thanks!

Call me by Friday if you have to cancel. Typically I am committed to the number of golfers I submit earlier in the week.

New Member application can be found online:  New Member Form

Lake Tansi  Trip is June 6th, 7th, 8th.

Invite your friends to join us.

Call me if you would like some signs to advertise at your course.

Let’s have a good year!

If you have any questions, call me at 770-402-6585.   No emails or texts, please.



Northwest Georgia Sr. Golfers Assoc.
20 Timberwalk Court
Cartersville, GA  30121