#3 Nob North 2018

A Great Tournament for a Great Cause.

Eleven    $500  Scholarships     awarded :

1.Anna Furrow…grand daughter of Dale Blalock..attending KSU
2.Anna Kay Wolfe, grand daughter of Allan Bullard…will receive  The Chuck Pinkard Scholarship..will attend Georgia Highlands
3. Caroline Saye…Grand daughter of Butch Price..Hillgrove HS golfer..Will attend UGA
4. Jenna Bagley…Coahulla HS golfer..will attend University of Tenn
5.Marion Munister…Cartersville HS golfer..will attend KSU
6.Ashley Tendick..North Cobb HS golfer..will attend University of Alabama
7.Rachel Bacchus..Mt Parin HS..will attend Oglethorpe University
8. Mary Beth Burkhalter.. Works at Cartersville CC..attending University of Chattanooga
9. Shelby Satterfield..North Murry HS..will attend Dalton State 
10 Mary Fran Dutton…works at Cartersville CC…attending Chattahoochee Tech 
11. Jake Byrd..son of Mark and Lori Byrd…. attending UGA
We will invite them to Cartersville CC to meet us, have pictures taken, and to play a round of Golf. 
Date to be determined!!