#10 Bent Tree 2021

                                  Flight #  1 
1st GrossRicky Bowers73 
2nd Gross Charles Wilson75
1st Points Kirk Malerbi+9
2nd Points Laird Carmichael+4
                                  Flight #  2 
1st Gross Dean Dome23
2nd Gross Don Turk23 
1st Points Jimmy McKenzie+4 
2nd Points Vince Dicecco+3 
                                  Flight #  3 
1st Gross Bobby Locklear30 
2nd Gross Terry Ball28 
1st Points Ed Brooks+12 
2nd Points Brad Layne+8 
                                  Flight #  4 
1st Gross Ronnie Ward26 
2nd Gross Jim Pendergrass15 
1st Points Bill Lumpkin+2 
2nd Points Andy Pease+2
                                   Flight #  5 
1st Gross Bobby Hitchcock33 
2nd Gross Julian Jones25 
1st Points Ken Jones+8 
2nd Points Dan Cox+6 
                                  Flight #  6 
1st Gross James Thompson17 
2nd Gross Dennis Fankhouser16 
1st Points Butch Osborne+9 
2nd Points Paul West+8 
                                   Flight #  7 
1st Gross  
2nd Gross  
1st Points  
2nd Points  
                    Closest to the Pin